4 Ways to be eco-friendly during a pandemic

A nation-wide lockdown! This is certainly not something to brush aside, but a time to stay completely conscious of one’s safety. 

We are sure you would have heard things such as stay indoors, always wash your hands, eat home-cooked food, stay protected on the news, on social media and everywhere!

As the world continues to brace itself for more cases of infection, it is important to take personal precautions to protect yourself. But, how does one keep in mind to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak whilst minimizing the impact on the planet. Are there eco-friendly ways to do so?

Home-based disinfecting

While there are quite a few environmentally friendly products on the market, making your own environmentally friendly disinfectant is very cheap and extremely quick hack. Here are a couple of ways to do it yourself at HOME.

  • Just Eucalyptus oil and water

Simply mix 50 ml of eucalyptus oil with a liter of water and there you go – not everything that is effective needs to be complex. Eucalyptus oil is a proven disinfectant with anti-septic properties. Be sure to shake well before use and keep it out of direct sunlight. 

  • Ceramic or Glass Stovetop Cleaner

Day-to-day cleaning can be done with simple soap and water or vinegar spray. To remove stuck-on food, wet the area with hot soapy water and sprinkle with baking soda. Cover with a damp towel and allow to stand for half an hour, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Use a silicone spatula to help loosen food. Be sure to remove all residue.

  • Natural all-purpose cleaner

Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda into 2 liters of water. Use for removal of water deposit stains on shower stall panels, bathroom chrome fixtures, windows, bathroom mirrors, etc.

Not only will you have a greener disinfectant, but by making your own, you’re more likely to use the same container, which means you are cutting down on your plastic consumption.

Boost your immunity with home-cooked food

Be aware and be precautious! The best way you could do this is by keeping your immunity high. You must stay healthy during this period because that largely reduces the chances of an infection. 

And what if we told you that a good hot rasam is the best solution to this?

This sour and spicy goodness is very easy to cook and gulp!

  • In a bowl take 2 cups of water and soak tamarind (as per taste). Grind 1 teaspoon of jeera/cumin seeds, half a teaspoon of pepper and four to five garlic pods together. Add turmeric and salt to the bowl.
  • Now heat the kadai and add a little ghee, rai (mustard seeds). Add hing, methi dana (fenugreek seeds), kadi patha (curry leaves). Now add the ingredients in the bowl to the kadai. Add salt and bring it to bowl.
  • Relish the delicious hot pot of rasam. 

Simple and easy!

Ward off any risk through age-old desi remedies

Did you know there are  many traditional immune-boosting hacks?

Some are as simple as warming up a mug of milk with 1 tsp of turmeric. To improve the absorption of curcumin (key ingredient in turmeric), add a tsp of ground black pepper as well. Turmeric is known for its anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants are key to the functioning of our immune system. A good night’s sleep and staying hydrated are also essential to be followed along with this routine to aid in immunity boosting. Drinking filtered lemon water throughout the day gives us a boost in Vitamin C, which is known to prevent bacterial infections.

An option to do the right thing with face masks

Even though we do not advocate single-use masks, over-using the same cloth masks can carry the risk of more infection than single-use masks. Hence, they should be avoided. However, developments are currently underway to try and create an effective face mask that is reusable in the light of limited supply and the environmental footprint it will ultimately leave behind.

Considering these are the safest and easiest ways to lead an eco-friendly yet conscious life during this COVID-19 situation, we at Earth Basket strongly recommend all of you to stay safe, eat healthily and not ignore any signs and symptoms. Most importantly, order only if in dire need and do not hoard.

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