Common myths about Organic food

If it doesn’t look good then it isn’t good quality

In general, fresh organic produce may have a few scratches or scars. An apple in the store is smooth. That gloss is wax. Once an apple leaves the orchard, it is sprayed with a commercial coating specially formulated to impress buyers. These coatings are harmful for consumption and don’t come off even after washing. At Earth Basket, the organic produce has no such coating to make it look better. Only quality fruits and vegetables that are firm and fresh are sourced. Produce may only have cosmetic imperfections and never quality issues (such as mold, decay, etc.)

Organic food is too expensive

Organic farmers have higher production costs because of lower yields, higher organic fertiliser cost and greater labour input. Therefore, organic food can be expensive, but only marginally by about 25%. At Earth Basket we keep our margins low and make our products affordable. Also, conventional food can have some hidden costs, such as health costs related to issues caused by pesticides. Investing in your health today is better than paying hospital bills in the future.

Therefore, the best way to understand and enjoy the benefits of organic produce is to try it yourself.

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