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Virgin Cold pressed coconut oil

  • Extracted from Fresh Coconut Milk; 100% Natural, Cold Pressed & Unrefined
  • Can be used for Cooking, as a Dietary Supplement & for Skin, Hair & Baby Care
  • Promotes Healthy metabolism & Improves Immunity
  • Excellent Natural Moisturiser & great for Dry Skin & Nourishment of Skin
  • Prevents hair fall, Controls Dandruff & Strengthens Hair

Wood pressed ground nut oil

  • Wood Preesed Oil -  Traditional Method used to Extract Oil - No Heat Generated hence No Loss of Vitamins & Protiens
  • Zero Chemicals - Free from Sulphur - Unrefined - Nature at its Purest Form
  • Sesame Seeds are Dried in the Sun & Crushed In Wood Cheeku made of Vagai Tree & this oil is Kept in Sunlight for 2 Days for the Sediments to get Settle.
  • Cold pressed peanut oil has deep yellow color with pleasant nutty aroma and sweet taste
  • Peanut oil is high in energy. It is one of the cooking oils with a high smoke point; 450 °F. In addition to being a vegetable source, peanut oil is also an ideal choice for deep-frying because it can be heated to a higher temperature

Wood pressed mustard oil

  • High smoke point makes it ideal for deep frying
  • Stimulates production of essential juices in the digestive system
  • 42% oleic acid content makes it a good hair tonic