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Fiery Sweet Chilli Sauce

A consistent showstopper, this fiery sweet chilli sauce is really HOT and really good. It’s little wonder that we sell out every batch before we can get a chance to make the next! Ingredients: * Organic Red Chillis * Organic Garlic * Organic Sugar * Vinegar

Tomato Basil Garlic Chia Sauce

This pasta sauce from our features three of our farm’s stars: tomatoes, basil, garlic and chia seeds! This sauce will be just what you need to whip up a quick pasta dinner. Made without any artificial thickeners or preservatives! New and improved version with the goodness of chia! Natural/Organic Ingredients: * Tomatoes * Roasted Garlic * Basil * Chia Seeds * Vinegar * Chilli/Salt/Pepper * Organic Sugar